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how to bead a casing around a cabochon

This method is sort of an alternative to the usual method of beading around a cabochon which is to mount the cabochon onto fabric or leather and stitch beads to the fabric. I think that this is much easier but it's definately a different look.

If your experience with beading has only been to string them in a row and not to weave seed beads together, you may want to get the hang of it before trying this with a simpler weaving technique like a daisy chain:

step one
String a ring of beads in a multiple of three beads (18,21,24,27,...) that is slightly smaller than the cabochon. Reinforce this ring once.

step two
Now you are going to make little triangular points all the way around the ring. These points will each have five beads in each of them. So pick up five beads onto the needle, and then put the needle through the bead in the ring that is three down from where the thread is currently coming out. Do this all the way around the ring. (Having made the ring in step one in a multiple of three, you ensure that X number of points fits exactly around the ring.)

  o o
 o   o

step three
Now you are going to move from the tip of each point to the tip of the next point connecting each of them with five beads. So from where the thread is coming out now, go up through the nearest beads that will get the thread coming out of the next point tip. String five beads and run the needle through the next point tip. Continue this until each point is connected.

step four
This is the point where you place the cabochon into the beadwork and start to encase it. So hold the cab in place so it's peeking out of the open space in the beadwork. To close the beadwork around the cab you follow the same method as in step three to connect the tips of each of the remaining "points" (they don't look much like points right now) with two beads between each (not five as above). As you connect the points and pull the beads tight, you'll make the beadwork encase the cabochon.

Last updated Feb 01, 2004
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